Sandisk USB 3.1 Type C

Hi all,

How do i get photo’s and files from my phone (Samsung A50) onto the USB 3.1? There is no option for Sandisk to copy photos onto the USB device when I tap them to move to destination. I can place files from my laptop onto USB and view them on my phone but not vice versa. Any help appreciated

Well, on your laptop you use the laptop’s OS’s, Windows I suspect, file manager to move files to the USB device.  Do the same when using the USB device with your phone.

Thx Ed … I think … what Sandisk fail to tell ordinary non tech minded folk is that in answer to my question you need to download an OTG file manager App to the phone to carry this out. Simple really if explained in the first place. Bread and butter for some but a heads up for others ???

How/why would a USB drive company know what phone your using or what OS is on the phone or what apps you have on the phone?  I know I don’t.  Seems like a question for the phone’s vendor.  But good to hear you found the answer to your problem.