sandisk ultra plus sdhc uhs-1 card 32 GB

I bought this card and have a question if its a plus card ! On the package and on the chip it does say its a Ultra Plus, but it reads and rights at 40MB/s but its supposed to be 48MB/s.The Ulta reads and rights at 40 MB/s so I think this is an ultra card and not a ultra plus card ! or is this somekind of misprint ?


please keep in mind that the speed of the cards states up to 48mb/s for example so its not sure that you will reach this speed actually. so it could be that you indeed have the ultres plus card but with your host device you car reach a speed up to 40mb/s

for further clarification you can contact the sandisk support.

Let me clarify on the disk and on the chip it says its a Ultra Plus and on both the chip and on the package it says 40 MB/s which a Ultra is at ,the Ultra Plus according to this  web site and from where I purchased it said its at 48 MB/s , so iI’ wondering ifs this a misprint on the chip and package or did I get an Ultra model ?


the most important thing is what its stating on the card itself because the package might have the wrong information on it. so if on the card direct you see the model ultra plus then you are sure that you have an ultra plus card.