SanDisk Ultra II 240GB very slow boot after X41320RL

Hi all!

Just updated my SSD with latest firmware (X41320RL) as Sandisk Dashboard suggested. As a result, Windows now halts during boot.

I mounted disk in Linux, it seems that data mostly intact and accessible.

How can I “fix” my SSD? Should I reinstall Windows? 

UPD  Just found that windows still boots in 15-20 minutes. Maybe its just the filesystem.

if the drive is detected and the data is accessible via linux it sounds like a OS or possibly file system issue. I would backup any data you need using the linux computer and format the SSD and reinstall windows. 

Thank you for your suggestion!

I just found that Windows boots normaly, it just takes like 15-20 minutes. 

I’ll try to reinstall windows if nothing helps.

Scandisk did the trick. But I still want to reinstall windows.