“SanDisk SSD Plus Failure”? (2TB)

Not sure if this is a crazy coincidence, or is there a hardware issue with this model/series.

I have 3 out of 3 failure after 1 year of usage (bought in the same year), for “SanDisk SSD Plus” 2TB model. All 3 dying at almost the same time. With the same failure mode (undetectable by bios)

1 in a NAS last week
2 in a gaming PC yesterday (Raid 1 death !!!)

On 2 separate machines, both of which has its own separate UPS.

I have 20+ SSD’s of various age and model, in various other machines at home with no issues. (i run my own home rack, so that number does stack up)

The most frustrating of which is the RAID 1 failure. As all the data is now potentially gone (yes yes 3-2-1, but this was just a gaming PC, so no real sentimental data lost)

Wanting to see if others faced similar issue with this drive, and perhaps wrote it off, as it was only 1 drive (even if its <2 year old).

Or is there potentially a manufacturing issue with a batch of this, and if so, how do i validate this?

If we assume a 1% AFR for an SSD, this is kinda 0.000001%.

Hi @tidewaterjim ,
Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: