SanDisk Sport Clip only plays part of a track.

I’ve just bought a Clip Sport to replace an iPod Shuffle (4th? Gen) which has given up the ghost.

Copied the relevant tracks from iTunes to the Clip and they show as m4a files in Windows File Explorer.

Using the Clip to listen to tracks only approximately half or maybe less actually plays before it goes onto the next track and the same thing happens for all track.

When I’m in File Explorer and click on the track it plays from beginning to end.

What am I doing wrong?

I have experienced a variety of problems attempting to play my m4a files that I purchased from iTunes on my Clip Sports (non plus version).  My advice is to convert a few of your m4a tracks to mp3 (maybe 192 or 256 kbps) and see if these tracks play properly on your new device.  


Many thanks Professor. Worked a treat!