SanDisk SecureAcess - My files are gone from the password protected folder, but they are all encrypted in a common folder. Please help me.

I’ve had a SanDisk SecureAccess 1.0 flash drive for about 10 years. It is a USB device that protects files by password and encryption. Last week I used this pendrive on a computer with a virus that turned everything into a shortcut. Then I ran an antivirus program called USB File Rescue. Shortcuts have been removed.
From there I lost access to my old password protected folder and SanDisk SecureAccess requires me to create a new one. There’s no point in creating a new, password-protected, empty folder if my files are in the old one.
But there is no longer an option to access the old folder.
Important: I didn’t delete anything, I didn’t format the pendrive, and I have the old password.
When I enter the properties of the pendrive, I see that it has 1.5 GB occupied by encrypted files. That is, the files are there, not lost.
I need to know how to regain access to the old Vault, or else, regain access to my files that no longer appear in the password protected area, or else decrypt all my files.
Can someone help me please?
Iara, from Brazil.

Hi @Iara,

Please refer to the article Steps to Resolve SanDisk Security Invalid Password or Forgotten Password:

Please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Hi Keerti_01.

Thank you very much for the reply, but I have not forgotten or lost the password. My problem is that the field to enter the password no longer appears, and SanDisk SecureAccess tries to force me to create a new, empty, password-protected folder.

I sent a message to western digital support, but they said they don’t answer SecureAccess cases anymore, because this model is discontinued.