Sandisk Secure Access - unable to open software / access vault

Hi All, I am unable to access my original vault.  The vault was created with v1.0 of the software I believe (circa 2011-12).

On a Windows PC, the splashscreen appears for 5-10 seconds but no application opens. Then when I hover over the icon in the taskbar it disappears.

On a Mac, I am forced to install v3.0 and it tells me to create a new vault. I do so but of course my original files are not present.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Since you have written to the drive with a new incompatible version I think your initial files are damaged at this point and probably lost.

Thanks, but please note I can see the files are still present on the drive under My Vaults/My Vault/Files.

Are we sure there are no workaround solutions?