SanDisk Professional ProBlade Station - Daisy chain two of them


I have two ProBlade Stations. I’m running a MacBook Pro 16" with MacOS 13.3.1.

Both of thew stations work fine when connected individually to Thunderbolt compatible ports on my MacBook. However, I wish to connect one station directly to the MackBook and daisy chain the 2nd station to the first. Both stations are using their own power supplies with the correct 100W cables and all other connections are using the Thunderbolt 3 cables supplied at purchase.

When I set the two stations up in the daisy chain configuration mentioned above, only one works (reads ProBlades) but the other does not.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.


Hi @Howard70,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

I would suggest making sure that the Thunderbolt cable you’re using to connect the two ProBlade Stations supports Thunderbolt 3 and is in good condition.
While the MacBook Pro 16" is Thunderbolt 3 enabled, confirm that the ProBlade Stations are also specifically designed to work with Thunderbolt 3 connections.

Hello Ellinor:

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve checked and all of those are correct.

There are three ports on each ProBlade Station. One is for 100W power input from the SanDisk supplied power supply with the San Disk supplied USB3.2/Thunderbolt 3 connector - clearly marked.

Two are Thunderbolt 3/USB3.2. One of those is marked by a lightning bolt and a computer while the other is marked only by a lightning bolt.

My initial configuration was ProBlade Station A thunderbolt/computer port to Mac Book Pro thunderbolt port then ProBlade Station A thunderbolt port to ProBlade Station B thunderbolt port. Only Station A could “see” a ProBlade Magnum SSD, Station B could not.

I then switched the connections, effectively making B connected like A above and A connected like B above. Only Station B could “see” a Magnum SSD, A could not.

I progressed changing ports among the two stations in all combinations I could think of. Basically whichever station was connected by the Thunderbolt/computer port and was first in line from the computer could see Magnum SSD’s (one or two, it didn’t matter) the other Station could not.

It reminds me of the old SCSI chain days when you needed to terminate the end of the daisy chain.


Yes, I’ve opened a support case, but the reply hasn’t really helped much. I will try to pursue it further but would have preferred a preliminary diagnosis something along the lines of “That’s strange, this should work” or “Make sure you use the thunderbolt/computer port on each station”.