SanDisk memory card brand store on snapdeal

Welcome to the SanDisk Store

SanDisk, a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 company, is the world’s largest dedicated provider of flash memory storage solutions. Our products enable you to capture, share, preserve, and enjoy a growing world of digital content. With removable memory cards in cameras, embedded memory in smartphones, powerful memory solutions in cloud storage data centers, and more, SanDisk powers your smart digital lifestyle.

Would be nice to check your products out. Any URL for this?

Not sure, but this sounds like competitive advertising to me which if I recall correctly is strictly ‘verboten’ by this forum’s Rules & Guidelines and Terms Of Service. :angry:

And downright rude to boot!

Google shows SanDisk Stores at many companies and in many countries.  All saying pretty much the same thing.  Since the OP didn’t specify a URL I don’t see it as meaning much.