Sandisk Extreme usb3.0 pendrive enumerates as a FUJITSU MB86C31 device

I use this sandisk pendrive to run some automated tests and I look for the Vendor ID: Product ID of 0781:5580 before executing the tests. 

Recently I see that the same Sandisk Extreme Drive is getting enumerated as a FUJITSU MB86C31 device with VendorID: Product ID as 04c5:2026   which is failing my test checks. Also the drive is getting enumerated as high speed instead of super speed.

I cant access the drive now. Both Linux and Windows are showing that there is no medium on the drive. 

Has anyone seen this before ?  What might be the reason for this change  and how to recover ?


this is indeed a very strange issue and this indicates that the drive failed and needs to be replaced since its not working on several machines and Os. 

you can replace the drive with the place of purchase or sandisk direkt. 

to request replacement you can use the following link