Sandisk Extreme SSD Sweepstakes contest

i won a  4 gb Cruzer ssd memory card  in the sweepstakes  they sent  me a email  that hada promo code to get  my prize

the Promocode was invalid   Cruzer 4Gmb  card was unavailible  thru the Sandisk store   i contacted   the compnay thru  there phone number   they tried to charge me for the prize  i called back and explained   i had won   this in there Extreme SSD  sweepstakes  contest   they asked forthe promom code i was sent   and said it was invalid   i already knew this   said they get back to me  on this at a alter time  Great way to run a Contest  Attempt to charge for a prize  

Who was the sweepstakes sponsor? If it was someone other than SanDisk, you should contact them about the invalid promo code.

This is a SanDisk sweepstakes. I have sent your information along to the team running the sweepstakes. Someone should be in contact with you soon. 

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I entered the Ultra Robot sweepstakes on Facebook and it gave me a promo code for 50% off.  I used the link to go to San Disk store and put a micro sd card in my cart.  When I entered the promo code, it said it was invalid.  Very annoying.  I cancelled my purchase.

I received a a form which I won 4gb gflash drive from SSD extreme Sandish contest will not accept my email saying it is wrong also saying i live out of the states I live in DE which is in United States

Is this for real

Thank you Ellen Pringle

Same thing as for me saying I live out side US


you guys should email SanDisk support. I am sure this is just some kind of mistake and they will get it sorted out for you. 

go to and open a support request. 

For sure this is just a misunderstanding. Have you tried calling the hotline yet?