Sandisk Extreme 64GB USB-Stick speed went from fast to slow in 1 day of use!

i have exactly the same problem as descriped it this thread:

Bought that stick 2 days ago, speed was good around 240/193, then because of a windows installation i needed to make him bootable with WinSetupFromUSB 1.5 + i reformated him several times with different tools, and once i deleted the partition because i wanted to get rid of that mbr partition.

Now speed is absolute crap, dont know which of my actions does it but speed now is around 40/90.

Sure u can tell me “its your own fault” but i mean comeon, how the hell should i know that i should not do that… i mean its an usb stick!! formating is pretty usual on usb sticks, how can he lose so much of his speed because of that, never saw that on other sticks?? HEY sandisk a warning text would be so important but anyway a 40€ stick that can not be formated without losing his speed… that cant be serious…

I already did a secure erase with parted magic, then formated it with HP HPUSBFW_v2.2.3 to fat32, still slow speed 50/90.

Can anyone tell me a solution for this?

with which programm i should create the partition and with which settings?

and then with which program i should format and with which settings?

Dont tell me its impossible to set this stick back to factory settings, i cant belive that.

as i read in the other thread the best solution should be to create a partition with parted magic secure erase right?

but what todo after that, format it with partedmagic/gparted too?

or use something else like hp tool / rufus / win7/ … 32k clustersize? how i set the correct alignment? 

Because after secure-erase and formating with hp, as-ssd shows bad alignment.

would be thankfull for a straight answer because this thread is really confusing with alot of speculations and rumors.

PS. That lack of support from sandisk is really overwhelming i mean no faq, no reset formating tool… it cant be so hard to give out such a thing, i mean iam not a noob iam working with pcs for almost 20 years now. i mean this stick is not a cheap 10$ stick… i paid 40 euro and if i cant find a solution to this i send this **bleep** back and never buy a sandisk product again…

help would be nice.

formating is pretty usual on usb sticks,

For people who use to do it with floppies it is but for the average person I don’t think so.  I know I haven’t done it in years.

i wanted to get rid of that mbr partition.

“that mbr partition.”?  I’ve never heard of one of them.  But yes it’s true USB drives are usually formatted as a Super Floppy with no MBR.  Block size and cylinder alignment play roles too now days.  As for what values work best for your USB stick I have no idea.

You have two options ttbomk:  1. Try formatting as a Super Floppy with different block sizes and different cylinder alignments and see what works best for you.  The original format for 64 GB and larger drives is exFAT.  2. Return it for a replacement and when you get the replacement check out it’s format values before doing much more than copy files to it.