Sandisk Dual and Samsung Tab 7 SM-T211


I have 2 Samsung Tab 3 7.0 3G SM-T211 tablets. I have also 2 new daul usb sticks.

On sandisk site it auto detect and say that it’s compatible with the Daul USB Drive.

Android version 4.1.2

Base version T211XXAMGM

Kernel3.4.5-1272676-user dpi@DELL323#1

SMP PREEMPT Tue Jan 7 19:16:09

KST 2014

USB debugging is on

I can not get it to recognize on the tab, but it works fine on pc.

I have look at file explorer and also Sandisk Memory Zone. With out any luck.

The usb dual drive work fine with my Samsung S4

Thank You


Just try to do OS updates. I’m just not sure though if it’s compatible but it should be able to read the files.


Check the “Tab”'s security app(s) logs.  Also check if the “Tab”'s are running apps that conflict with the "Dual.