Sandisk cruzer 16GB - Error when adding files


I recently purchased Adobe C6 and opted for the download rather than the discs.  Now that I have it installed on my computer, I wanted to put a back up on a Flash Drive just in case we need it down the road.

I picked up a sandisk cruzer 16gb drive as the total file size for the software is 11.1 GB.  I started to copy the files onto the flash drive, but was given an error that the file was too large.  Okay, so I went back to the USB drive and formatted it to remove all the bloatware that was on it originally.  Tried again.  Get the same “file too large” error. I can get 11 of the 12 files onto the flash drive - the file that doesn’t load onto it the biggest one at 4.5 GB.

I deleted all the files on the flash, formatted it again, added the problem file first.  I still get the error message.

Any thoughts on how to make this work?  Screen shot below.


error screen shot

Flash drives are formatted to FAT32 which has a single file size limit of 4GB. You would have to re-format the drive to NTFS in order to put a file larger than 4GB on it.

THANK YOU!  Never would have reached that on my own.  Appreciate your prompt help, too.

Have a great weekend!