SanDisk Clip Sport Firmware 1.27 released

Firmware is the software code that powers your Clip Sport. You can think of it as the operating system.  SanDisk actively and periodically updates the capabilities, functionality, and reliability of the Firmware.  For an optimal experience with your Clip Sport, SanDisk recommends that you update your Firmware with each new release.  It’s fast, easy, and free!

SanDisk Clip Sport Firmware 1.27 Download and Installation instructions

SanDisk has released firmware version 1.27 for the SanDisk Clip Sport. Download links and the release notes are available below.

SanDisk Clip Sport Firmware 1.27 Download and Installation instructions

Update using the Sansa Firmware Updater
For Sansa Firmware Updater - Click here to download

Manual Firmware Update (Download and Instructions)
Manual Firmware Update (All Regions) - Click here to download
All languages are now in one firmware version. After firmware update you will need to select your Language and Region preference.

• Remove any external card from the Clip Sport before performing firmware update
• Ensure your battery is > 50% full.
• Plug in your SanDisk Clip Sport to your computer.
• Download and save the upgrade.hex file linked above to folder on your computer.
• Drag the file to the root directory of your SanDisk Clip Sport
• Disconnect the SanDisk Clip Sport and let the firmware update begin.
• Once it finally finishes doing its update, it will turn itself off.
• Turn the Clip Sport on, Select your language and region preference
• Once its back to the main menu, head to “Settings” >“System Settings”> “Info”, and verify the “Version” is now 1.27".

SanDisk Clip Sport Release notes

This new firmware has various enhancements and bug fixes, including key fixes listed below. Upon completion of the firmware upgrade, the device will turn off; power on the device to complete the upgrade process.  If the device does not initiate or complete, press & hold the Power switch for 15 seconds to reset the device and then press and hold power button again for 1 second to restart

New changes since 1.22

Bugs Fixed:
• Improved sorting spec for Audiobooks and podcasts. Track number sorting is now supported
• Fixed OGG file playback and “File format can’t support” issue


• Improved Compatibility with some micro-SD cards (Fix the 24MHz Clock in High Speed Mode)

New changes since 1.17

Bugs Fixed:
• Fixed playback issue of some FLAC and OGG Vorbis files 

New changes since 1.09

• Added Key Lock (Press and Hold Back Button for 2 seconds to enable Key lock, Press and hold back button 2 seconds to disable Key lock)
• Added Track number sorting using ID3 tags

Bugs Fixed:
• Notification translations and clarity improved
• Shuffle algorithm improved
• Battery notifications added

Design Limitations:
• Maximum database size supported is now 2000 objects for internal memory and 2000 objects for external memory
• Sorting tracks by Genre is no longer available

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There is an issue with SD card I have which is a standard 16GB sandisk card  that if I reload the card it refreshes and the files come out in some random order for podcasts. The only way for it to come out in the numberic alpha order is to do a full reset by turning the player on and holding the on key for it to then shutdown and do a full reset.

 That seems to be a bug in my view as the player can sort it in numberic alpha order when it wants to and shouldn’t have to do a full reset for the player to do this.

  This was a problem in the old firmware as well. Happy it is easily corrected by doing above  but most people will not be able to figure this out and in fact I came across this solution by accident only because my player actually froze and then resetting was suprised to find the files in proper order on the sd card. Did mention in another post although of course as happy worked for me but really think it is a bug.

Can I assume that the annoying time delay (where the isue is most noticeable for audiobooks and worsens the further into the recording) has not been addressed? I know that various explanations have been put forth dealing with hardware limitations, but, I’m hopng that there is a software fix possible.

I had high hopes for the Clip Sport which offers both a longer battery life and a larger screen (large enough to display both time into current track and the total track length with seconds). 

Will this make the player compatible with class 10 cards? Now class 4 32GB Sandisk micro SDHC cards are much more expensive than class 10 ones. I have been afraid to use class 10 cards in my Sandisk players, as many have had issues with them. Some have reported though that the Clip+ and Clip Zip when running Rockbox work fine with class 10 SDHC cards.

I hope Sandisk’s next mp3 player will have full micro SDXC card support, and won’t choke on SDHC or SDXC class 10 cards. AFAIK, all SDXC and micro SDXC cards are class 10 or faster. I hope Sandisk’s next mp3 player also has a built in card reader that functions at class 10 or faster. I hope it also has database capacity for at least 25,000 songs on card memory, so if someone puts a 128GB microSDXC card into the player and fills it up, the player database will be able to handle it.

Sorry to have to report that firmware 1.25 is messed up. I’ve immediately gone back to 1.22.

Shuffle play absolutely doesn’t work anymore. If enabled, in «Music» mode playback follows the song titles in alphabetic order; in «Folder» mode it follows the file names; and in playlists it seems to follow the order of the entries.

for all i care, sand disk can introduce support for vinils or audio cassettes as expanded storage. I will spend long long time contemplating my next purchase of mp3 player from sand disk. I recently bought Clip zip and it feels generations more advanced than this model. Which is kinda sad.

Yes, I noticed this as well. That the player no longer shuffles. How do I go back to the 1.22 firmware which did shuffle the songs.

The issue has been reported. We should have a fix coming soon. In the mean time if you would like to downgrade to 1.22 please use the following link. 

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Use this file. Choose any server:

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For FW files please use the links provided by SanDisk Support.


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Or simply use the official SanDisk link to the firmware file, in the post directly above the above-quoted post.  Can never be too safe nowadays . . . .

Seems to work fine so far, shuffle play included.

" Improved Compatibility with some micro-SD cards (Fix the 24MHz Clock in High Speed Mode)"

What does this mean??? Does it mean that class 10 Sandisk micro SDHC cards will now be supported without issues? It is annoying having to buy class 4 cards for the player which not only load much slower than class 10 ones, but are now often more expensive than class 10 cards. I am wondering if the availability of class 4 cards will start diminishing. It would be nice if micro SDXC support is added, so the cards don’t need to be formatted as FAT32, and the class 10 speed doesn’t cause issues. 

Will any effort be made to try to enlarge the maximum size of the card database, or to include an option so that one could have a 4,000 song database limit for card memory, even if it means sacrificing the internal memory database?

This update seems to have fixed the Audible audiobook resume feature. After the previous update, 1.22, an audiobook would not resume when the player was turned off and on again. Now it resumes the book when the player is turned back on, just as it did when new out of the box. Very happy to have this bug fixed.

I’ve had a chance to confirm that this update also fixes the ordering problem for MP3 audiobooks from Overdrive. The parts of the book now sort correctly in order by file name. The books also resume where left off when the player is turned back on. Big improvement over the previous firmware!

My firmware updater software notified me that an update was available, so I updated it. The software said the update was complete and that I should disconnect my Sansa Sport to complete the udpate. So I did. Now the Sport just says “transferring”. Can’t connect it to my computer, can’t charge it, can’t do anything with the buttons. What do I do?

Press and hold the center select button until the player turns off then turn it back on and try again. 

It is absolutely astonishing how long it has taken to ‘restore’ the “Track number order” play functionality, given that it is the DEFAULT mode for most other device in market (including earlier SanDisk efforts).:dizzy_face:

The most annoying (or STILL missing) features are:

  • Proper display of album art image s, not randomly shrunk (too small) or blank (can’t display);
  • Display of clock (given that you CAN set the date/time);
  • Not having the ‘Back’ button go back TOO far , but just to previous screen.

NOTE: If they don’t know how to fix/add these features, PLEASE just ask this forum.:neutral_face:

These are ALL obvious, and have been asked (or clamoured) for ever since device was released.:angry:

Also can confirm that it is doing sorting correctly with and without the track number. :smiley: WIth the SD card as welll as it would sometimes get jumbled up but would sort if did a long reset but now this isn’t happening. At least now I don’t have to take out the track #'s now to get it to sort numerically and alphabetically.

I do like the longer batterly life and the better build then the zip. So now I mostly have what I need for this player.

Only issue I have now is (which I know is going to change) is the delay for pausing which in most situations it isn’t a big deal but when listening to a language podcast and want to pause before I hear the answer it is an issue and have to us my zip for this. Similar the fact the rewind is less exact to just go back one phrase. Which to have a player that is little more exacting for something you are studying (more of an indoor player) would be nice. But whatever. I suspect not going to happen and don’t need a sport player or a clip player for this.

Very, very disappointed at the loss of Genre sorting.  This is ESSENTIAL for all real music lovers. I have Classical (for which I set composer as Artist and work as Album), Jazz and Rock music on cards and the main disk.  Being able to switch easily between these is important to me.
Sadly, I damaged my wonderful little Zip 4gB, so had to buy a new model, and now I find we’ve gone backwards technologically ~ it even truncates the names of albums, artists and tracks, which it didn’t before!
New firmware and new machines are supposed to improve things for the user, surely?

And this nannying nonsense about volume means some of the music is inaudible (real music has a large dynamic range) half the time.  My ears are my responsibility, not yours.
Wish I hadn’t bought a Sansa now!  Waste of cash.

@dailowe wrote:

New firmware and new machines are supposed to improve things for the user, surely?


Only if they are designed that way. Which the Clip Sport & Jam were not. They are limtied function/featured players offered at a lower price.

@dailowe wrote:


And this nannying nonsense about volume means some of the music is inaudible (real music has a large dynamic range) half the time.  My ears are my responsibility, not yours.

You must live in some part of Europe. Tell this to your gov’t. leaders/officials; it’s THEIR idea and restriction, NOT SanDisk’s. They are only complying with the law so that they can sell products there. Fortunately, there is a work-around. With some brands of mp3/audio devices there is not.