Sandisk Clip Sport - autoplay/resume function

Does Clip Sport have autoplay/resume function. I mean when I turn it on can it starts to play automatially from the moment I stopped previously.

I need only this one function: press button (it turns off), press button ( it turns on and resume playing), press button (it turns off), press button (turns on and resume playing), etc. 

Yes, although you probably should press pause before turning it off, and press play after turning it on to be sure it works properly. 

I just tried turning it off while playing without pausing it. After I turned it on it started playing where it left off. 

It loses its place when it makes a data connection with a computer, so to keep this resume intact, you need to charge the player with an AC usb charger or cell phone charger(make sure it is 5 volts though).

OK it’s acceptable.

Although I’d like to avoid the neccessity to take off the player from pocket to turn off/on. But still it’s much more covenient than operating music player on smartphone.

You might think it’s silly but it’s very important function for me. Honestly it’s the only thing that I require from MP3 player and the only thing that keeps me away from smartphone music players.


I often don’t even explicitly shut off the power, but instead just pause it. I have the auto shutoff(power saver) set at a short amount of time, so the player turns itself off.

The key to the Clip Sport autoplay/resume function is 1) downloading the latest firmware (Google- Sansa Firmware Updater ) Once its updated 2) the player must be formated-


                                        System Settings



Be sure all data is taken off the player before hand as the Formatting will erase it

Hope this helps someone