SanDisk 128GB

Hi, this is my third post regarding my SanDisk 128 gig flash drive.

A huge thanks to Ed_P for helping me, (I was finally able to get all the space on one volume/partition)

I want to make sure I do this correctly-

Would I format this 115GB flash drive to ExFAT, FAT32, or NTFS?

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NTFS is for disks, FAT32 is good for drives with files 4 GB or smaller, exFAT is designed for large removable drives with files larger than 4 GB.  Choose accordingly.

I believe FAT32 is limited to drives 32 GB or less also.

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This is actually really funny, when I went to format it there were only two options:

NTFS and the default exFAT…

Obviously, you said NTFS was for disks, “NTFS is for disks”

Also, you said " exFAT is designed for large removable drives with files larger than 4 GB."

So, exFAT is my choice!

edit: I would choose 128 kilobytes allocation size, correct?

That I don’t know DanTheMan07.  I usually take the default Windows suggests but if all my files were going to be large and I had a lot of memory I might choose differently.

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Mkay. When I chose it it automatically selected it, so I’m good.

Thanks for the update Dan. 

Always love threads with happy endings.   :smiley:

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Definitely exFAT ! 

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