Sandisk 128GB continually drops connection to Mac, usually after about 13GB file transfer


I have a SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 128GB flash drive that I am using on a MacBook Pro (macOS 11.1).

I am noticing that when I transfer a large file to the USB flash drive (13+ GB), the flash drive will spontaneously disconnect from the MacBook Pro.

I have formatting the drive as HFS+ with a GUID partition map.

I have plugged in the drive both directly (with Apple USB USB 3.0 to USB C adapter) and through a USB hub. No difference, it will always disconnect at/around 13GB of file transfer (see attached).

I notice that the drive does get warm/hot during large file transfers, as well.

I do not have this issue with any other external drive, only with this SanDisk 128GB drive.

Do you have any suggestions or is there something wrong with my drive? Many thanks, in advance.