Same amount of battery life time for music and videos?

Hey, so, isn’t music suppose to get up to 20 hours of battery life, compared to the 4 for videos? Then, why am I getting the same amount of time for both?

There are about 10 factors that play into battery life. The primary is the file types you are using. If you use 128 kbps Mp3 that are nothing more than tones, with the backlight off and never press a button then you may get 20 hours. But the reality of the thing is that when you use real music and you actually use the player the way it was designed then your battery life is not as long.

Backlight time, screen brightness, Custom EQ, bitrate/filetype(as CB said) all can have an effect. I got over 22 hours with 160kbps mp3 but that was with no EQ, 10 second backlight time, 30% brightness, and only lighting the screen about once an hour to check the battery level.

Just for the curious I did some tests on battery life a few months ago. I was interested to measure the effect of the backlight time while watching music using the following common settings:

  • Fuze v1 with current firmware

  • all files on internal flash storage

  • file type: MP3 at 96kbps

  • screen brightness 50%

  • no EQ

And here are the numbers I got for

  • backlight time 30s and lighting the screen only about once an hour:

        battery life 25 hours

  • continuous backlight (similar to video watching):

        battery life 6.8 hours

As you probably would have expected the screen display is very expensive with respect to battery life.

That all makes sense. I am always very curious about how long my songs are, so I do keep pushing the buttons to see how long the song has left. I will keep that in mind.