Rockbox Battery Life and Battery questions?

I bounce back and forth between Rockbox and the Fuze interface and notice my battery life is better when using the normal Fuze interface over the Rockbox one. Is this normal? Does Rocbox eat up the battery?

Also I noticed from checking my battery life on the Fuze interface that if seems to bounce back and forth sometimes like one min a went in and it was at 89% precent then I checked again and it was back up to 94%. Is this normal?


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This is a pretty new model for Rockbox, so work so far has been more on function and stability.  From what I’ve read (and history shows on the e200) future releases will likely use less power.

OK Thanks donp

Also  I got a Recertified 4GB one from about a week or so ago. This Mornign my battery was at 100% I used it for about an hour and a half  or so and my battery is at 73%. Does this sound ok? I was using the Fuze Interface and just used the shuffle. Idid go through some of the menus to look around but that’s about it. This was on the Fuze Interface and not the Rockbox one.

I was wondering about the battery life question, because that was one of the reasons that I switched back from RB to the OF.

I wouldn’t trust the battery meter too much.  It’ll work ok for a new battery, but a recertified player probably not as well.