I’ve used Rhapsody for years with the original Clip, Clip+ and Clip Zip.  Is it possible that the Jam (and Sport, as well, it seems) are not compatible?

If they are not compatible with Rhapsody, any suggestions for a similar service is compatible with the Sport and Jam?

Hi Chattanooga1800

The new Sansa Clip Sports and Clip Jam do not support any DRM protected content or subscription services like Rhapsody. It does support DRM content from Audibles.com (audibooks).

If you are looking for a player for usage with Rhapsody you may purchase the Clip+ or the ClipZip online.

If I COULD purchase new Clip Zip or Clip+ for a reasonable price, I would be absolutely delighted to do so.  I would buy several.  As I’m sure other longtime Clip users would.

But it seems that Sansa is no longer making the Zip or the Clip+.  Or is that not the case?

The Zip is not offered at all on the shop.sandisk.com site, and all of the Clip+ models listed are “out of stock.”


The Clip models on Amazon (excluding the Sport and Jam) are extremely overpriced, I suspect, because they are all discontinued – a 4GB Clip+ is currently going for $98:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002MAPSC6/ref=tsm_1_fb_lk

From what I’m finding here in these forums, most users would prefer any previous Clip model over the Sport or the Jam – and for exactly this reason: many of us use our Clips to listen to music via subscription services like Rhapsody, and/or to listen to audiobooks, including those we get from our libaries via Overdrive.

But we can’t use Rhapsody or Overdrive with the only players you are currently making.

And that’s a shame.  I feel like Sansa is actually contributing the decline in the use of mp3 players by making them unusable with Rhapsody and Overdrive.  And that doesn’t make any sense to me.  If you’re going to stay in the mp3-player business, why not make them compatible with those services?

Personally, I’d go back to marketing the Clip+ and Zip over the others, and even continue developing along that line . . . .

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Agree 1,000% Miikerman.

Glad I ran across your post.  My Sansa Clip Zip died and I bought a Sansa Clip Jam, plugged it into my laptop expecting to transfer my playlists in Rhapsody/Napster to it and was frustrated it wasn’t being recognized.  Looked EVERYWHERE to try and find out what the problem was in Sansa and Rhapsody’s Help menues, then did some Google searching which brought me to your post.  I’m really bummed about this - and yes, you cannot buy a Sansa Clip Zip or Plus without spending a fortune.  The last Clip Zip I had lasted two or three years - that’s the most I ever get out of the them.  I wear it at the gym and whenever moisture gets in it, it’s fried.  I even bought the skin case for it which is probably why this one lasted more than a year.  It shut down and wouldn’t start back up - I put it out in the sun and used compressed air to try and blow it dry, got it to power up, looks like I could format it, but when I plug it into my laptop, Rhapsody tells me there’s a problem and I need to reformat it - but it still won’t work.  I have another one that only works when it’s plugged into a power source (which doesn’t do me much good).  I wish I could take the battery out of the last one and put it in that one, maybe I’d have a working one again.  I HATE using my cell phone to listen to music at the gym, the clip zip was perfect.  I guess there are no MP3 player options any more for Rhapsody??  Sucks

On your Clip Zip that you were able get to power up, and that Rhapsody said you need to format – did you authorize it again on Rhapsody (as if it were a new device)?  Any time I’ve had to format a Clip, I always have to authorize it again on Rhapsody and Audible, and then all is well.

You nailed all the important points.

I want to know sure that Overdrive audiobooks will not work.  With my old Sansa Clip I just moved the mp3 files to the audiobook folder and I could play them as lomg as I wanted, regrardless of the library due dates that would expire on the PC THAT I downloaded them on.  The new models would be worth it for audiobooks, though sorry not to have borrowed Rhapsody tunes while on the go or lawnmowing.