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Brand spankin’ new …

Great, I wish I’d waited a couple of months for this to come out instead of buying a View that the SanDisk RMA department has seen more of than I have. 

I sincerely hope that SanDisk intends to release firmware for the View that upgrades the interface to the one on the Fuze in that video.  That was nice.

I wish SanDisk had put the TLC that they put into the Fuze into the View also.  I want to love my View but I’m just so disappointed with it.  At this point, I just want one that works and doesn’t have a defective case.

Did I see album art on the song selection list?

And was that clicking sound when changing items that loud or just extremely amplified in the video?

cool, i can’t wait intil the full review come out.

Yes, album art does show up on the song selection list.

The clicking sound is coming from the clicking of the buttons. It just seems amplified by the video.