Retrieving deleted pics from Extreme IV 8GB CF card

I have one of those stupid situations where I downladed my photo files in Lightroom and the the device didn’t autodisconnect like usual, I removed my card, placed it back in my camera and then deleted the files just as the warning came up about the device not being disconnected properly. Lightroom now can’t find the orginal files because I guess they weren’t anchored so now, I am trying to use the RescuePro software to try and recover the photos that were deleted. I can’t find my disc that came with this CF card and I thought the seriel number for the card was printed on the bottom beginning with a B but the software is indicating that this number isn’t long enough for the seriel number space in the activation process…It must be so simple and I’m missing it because I have scoured the internet for someone with a similar problem and I can’t find anything. Can anyone help me figure out how to rescue these photos and save the day??? 

Thanks :frowning: