resume playlist prob


so i go to gym and load playlist. i shut off when i leave.

when i go back to gym, the last song played is loaded and i play.

almost everytime, clip will stop playing after finishing that song…screen is off but power is on.

i fwd to the next song.

it will play then exhibit same behaviour.

couple times of that and it will behave right…

im not sure when i noticed this, but it is predictable.

it aint the battery etc.


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Possibly corrupted firmware?  You could manually re-apply the latest firmware and see if that helps (see the sticky thread at the top of the forum). 

i found two songs that mucked up play function…

putting all songs in mp3tag, i didnt see anything different in any songs.

still, i stripped tags and retagged the two offenders…

seems like all is fixed…

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