Requested Feature - The ability to list music by 'Album Artist'


I am an owner of a Sansa View 32GB model and have loaded up almost 32GB of music on the player.

It would be very, very, very nice to be able to list music by ‘Album Artists’ as well as ‘Artists’ and ‘Albums’.

I discovered that the listing by ‘Artists’ is enormous and realized it is due to many CD’s which are DJ mixes,  compilations, “best of” albums, and many other similar CD’s which contain songs from various artists.

When I rip my CD’s I include the ‘Album Artist’ which I would rename to the company name of CD, DJ of CD, or compilation name (e.g… Album Artist = DJ Shadow, Album Artist = WOW, Album Artist = Number 1’s, Album Artist = Time Life, etc).

This allows me to organize my music folders by ‘Album Artists’, so if I have multiple DJ Shadow CD’s then each CD will be under the ‘\DJ Shadow’ folder as ‘\DJ Shadow\Album Name1’, ‘\DJ Shadow\Album Name2’, etc.

Yet, under each CD the individual songs will have the names of the actual artists of each song.

Right now, if I want to listen to one of these CD’s I need know the name of the exact album. That becomes difficult when you have over 20-30 of these types of CD’s.  That would require me to upgrade my memory.  =)

So, after blabbering on and boring you with my detailed explanation …

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add the ability to list music by ‘Album Artists’ in you next firmware upgrade.

It would be greatly appreciated since it would enhance my ability to easily locate music for my listening pleasure … and maybe my friends, and millions of Sansa owners as well.

By the way, thanks for including the MSC option into the last firmware update. I was getting tired of the workaround.

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That would be great for my sansa Fuze too, even if I have onnly 8 go.

I agree.  An ‘Album Artist’ category is necessary to play albums in their entirety, as the artists have created.  This category would be consistent with Windows Media Player’s operation.  The unavailability of this option is a tremendous shortcoming.

Why can’t you use the genre tag for that? Why can’t you just have a tagging program set the genre= album artist?

I would very much like to see this feature also. PLEASE!