Request: Remove album art, add time elapsed/duration

I recently just purchased the “sansa clip zip” because my old sansa clip was having issued with static in the audio and poor battery life after 3 years of nearly 6 days/week use for 2hrs a day.

With the new zip clip I noticed a change from the old simple display which I loved.  I consider the new color display  a “downgrade” from the old model because RELEVANT information regarding song title, artist and album with elapsed time/duration are no longer displayed together.

Instead, we’re given an album art (why?) a progress bar, song and title.

Please go back to the old format of Artiist with song title and album title scrolling WHILE showing elapsed time and duration.

If I wanted colorful pictures to show off to other people what i am listening to i would have bought one of those terrible ipods.

I liked the simplicity of the old clips and the dedication to functionality.  I was expecting this when I bought the zip clip.  I was terribly dissapointed.

This change to displaying almbum art instead of relevant information is a major step back.

You might be interested in rockbox for the Zip since the screen is user theme-able: Although since we just put up the theme site, theres only 2 of them at the moment! Maybe someone will make one more like the clip+ eventually.

octo996: +1. Hopefully, with comments like yours, SanDisk will see fit to bring content (e.g. time elapsed/time remaining; track no./total tracks) back to the What’s Playing screen . . . .

Or else have a setting where one can choose to display all the song information or the album art.

I also forgot that too was removed.

Why did they remove so many useful features when they created a new version?

So the list is:

1.  Remove album art (also the weird color screens that show up when there is no album art, plain black is fine)

  1. Add Artist, song title, and album to the display

  2. Add elapsed time and duration of the song

  3. Put back the song number list (ex: it used to show 5/12) when you were playing the 5th song on the list.

I think that’s everything.

Also, I’d like to note that I have the option to display album art as “off” but album arts are still being shown for some reason.  Very annoying.

The album art setting is for the shadow-like image of the art that appears behind the menu listings–you can’t turn off the “regular” album art.

It is a background shadow image,it cannot be removed

Yes, in fact, the background shadow image can be turned off–that’s what the background setting is for.  It is the regular album art that cannot be turned off.