Refurbished Fuze 4GB on Today - $29.95

Today’s (Saturday 3/13/10) item on is the refurbished Fuze 4GB color blue or black for $29.95 plus $5 shipping.  From my experience, most of these are V1 models, so they can be flashed with Rockbox, although there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a V1.  I’ve purchased 4 refurbished Fuzes from Woot in the past, and three of the four were V1.  They were all in perfect condition.  I just picked up 3 more.  They make great gifts, and I like to keep them around with Disney movies loaded on them to keep the kids happy when necesary.  One in each of the the cars, one in the wife’s purse, one at the grandparent’s house, etc.  I can fit 3 full-length movies per GB, and they play great in mpg format under Rockbox.  The V1 models are getting harder to come by, so I now buy them whenever Woot has them.  Anyway, you have until midnight tonight to get them from Woot (unless they sell out sooner).

Two hours left to pick up one of these (or three).  If anyone does, when it arrives I’m interested in knowing whether you got a V1 or a V2.  Please post it here.

I ordered one for the fun of it.  If it’s a V1, that’s another one to add to my collection (maybe I’ll tear it apart).  If it’s a V2, my son will get a new Fuze!