Refreshing Media/Card not inserted errors

The past month or two at random intervals my Clip Sport will start to “Refresh Media” or it tells me that my memory card is not inserted so I turn off my player then take out and reinsert my card.

Anyone else having this issue?  Should I start an RMA?

MicroSD Card 32 gigabytes is about 1/10 mm longer and protrudes from the device. It is occurring accidentally pushed into the device. Loses the connection with the card. The device must be switched off.

MicroSD Card 16 gigabytes is shorter and the device does not project.

That might be true for your cards but that is not the general “spec,” as far as I am aware.

It’s a standard 16GB class 6 Sandisk card.

I once had this problem with both of my Sports – reason unknown. IIRC I had to format the cards (32 and 64 GB) and reload the music. But you may try a Checkdisk run first.