Recording Functionality on 8gb


I have an 8GB Fuze, and I was planning on taking it to make an audio recording of a concert. If I use this to do so, i was wondering if after a certain amount of time, will the fuze stop recording, or will it be able to record nonstop in my pocket for 2-2 and 1/2 hours.

I could be wrong (as I don’t use that function), but I think it will record as long as there is available internal memory space. You cannot record to an external SD card. Remember it records in .wav format, not .mp3 so it will probably take up more space than you think.

The question is, will the sound quality of the recording be of a high enough value that you would want to listen to the playback afterwards? Having the teeny-tiny micro-mic and the unit in your pocket, I think all it’s going to pick up is your clothes rustling as you move, and people around you whispering and coughing.

The voice recording feature is handy for ‘jotting down’ little reminders or notes to yourself (like a grocery list, driving directions or remembering to call someone later), or recording a meeting or interview with someone and maybe for recording lectures, but a concert? I doubt it would be worth the time.

Whether it works or not, please let us know. I, for one, would be curious to see what kind of results you get and how you did it.


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Don’t get your hopes up. The Fuze is made for voice recording, and if the concert is at all loud you’re probably going to get a bunch of unlistenable overloaded noise.

Try it at home with your stereo cranked up. 

Also, recording in your pocket is going to be muffled even if the concert is unamplified. Think about how it would sound with your ears down there. Microphones like to be up and out in the open air.

There are some good serious palm-sized music recorders for concerts, like the Sony PCM-M10, but they’re more expensive and larger than the Fuze. You might take a look at

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Not to pipe in… but RockBox supports recording in user selectable format (wav, AIFF mp3), bitrate and you can choose where to put them  including external memory… 

While recording from mic or fm you can listen via headphones and monitor whats being recorded 

RB takes a wee bit of getting used to  (and I believe only supports V1 Fuzes at this time

On the V1 fuzes, RB 3.5.1 is quite stable

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Thanks for all of the help everyone. I’ve tried the recorder in my pocket with a 5.1 surround sound system cranked, and it suprisingly made a pretty good recording. However, this concert is an AC/DC concert, so this also adds to the wonder whether or not it will be able to record with quality. But just to clarify, I will be able to record for 2 hours straight as long as i have the battery live and space. It wont stop after like 30 minutes or so right?

I think it will record until it runs out of space.

When is the concert? Try it at home tonight. Just start it recording, set it down, and walk away. See how long it runs. As stated before, I think it records in WAV format. WAV uses a lot more space than mp3 format does so it may not record as long as you hope.

Try it out, and let us know.

I’m curious why you need to ask. I mean, isn’t this something simple enough to try yourself?

Turn on the clock radio. Charge up the Fuze and put it across the room. Leave, and come back in 2 hours.

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