Re: Unsupported Media Format

I have just purchased an iXxpand drive but some of my videos wont play - im getting the “file format unsupported or drive busy” error message??? please help. I can see the video file name and size but it wont play and its content is very important to me???

I would recommend calling SanDisk customer support for help. This forum appears to be abandoned by SanDisk.

It might help if you could explain what format the videos are (and the size) that you’re having problems with. With no details, no one can really even guess at what might be the problem.

If they are a supported format, you can also arrange to upload a sample to a storage site and SanDisk Tech Support can download it, see if they can replicate the issue and hopefully come up with a solution and/or firmware fix. This would help everyone in the future. :wink: