Questions about Fuze+ Features and Stability

I’m thrilled to see Sansa has launched a new player with a 16gB version available!  I now have a few questions for those of you who have already spent a few days/weeks with Sandisk’s latest:


Does Fuze+ equalizer have adjustable bands like the Fuze and View before it, along with so-called “Presets”?  I honestly think “presets” are a JOKE - What is a “rock” preset, or a rap, or classical?

Does Fuze+ have video out - to a TV or projector with RCA jacks?

Will aftermarket beltclip cases(similar to the one I have for the View) become available?


Is the interface more stable than the View(won’t freeze 1/2way through “Thriller” when “Bad” is already playing)?  As smooth and fast as the original Fuze?

I don’t have a Fuze_, but have been reading comments about it both here and on the anythingbutipod website.

The Fuze+ is far superior to View, but in some ways the original Fuze seems to be better than the Fuze+. While Video on the Fuze+ is much better than on the Fuze, users of both the Fuze and Fuze+ have remarked that the Fuze is much more rwsponsive than the Fuze+. Sandisk appears to be working on this, and has already released a firmware upgrade for the Fuze+ that improves the responsiveness. Hopefully with additional firmware upgrades the Fuze+ will be even more responsive. The equilizer on the Fuze+ is said to be good, much better than the equilizer on the Fuze using the Sandisk  firmware.

There is no video out on the Fuze+.

I have the Fuze and Clip+ and was thinking about buying a Fuze+, however since the Fuze+ has no way to quickly pause or restart the player when the touch controls are locked,The Fuze and Clip+ suits my needs much better than the Fuze+. If you aren’t into video, then I suggest you get a Fuze rather than the Fuze+. The Fuze is great as an audio player.Most of the negative comments on the Fuze+ seem to be things that might be addressed with firmware updates, so I am watching how the firmware updates are developing. The Fuze+ overall seems like a good player, however in some ways the original Fuze is better.