Question on Earphones.

I just heard to my Sansa Fuze through a Sennheiser MX95 earphone.I wasnt happy with the results at all.My stock sansa earbuds were better than that.And i am 100% sure that the plug was completely pushed into the sansa fuze.But the headphones sounded a lot better in my friends Nokia N95 8GB.The volume was a lot lower than my sansa earbuds.So what i am asking is whether the Sennheiser CX400-II and CX300-II will sound a lot similar to the Sennheiser MX95 because all three of them have similar technical specifications.



The specifications of those earphones are very different. The MX95 is 64 ohms. I don’t recommend using earphones or headphones that are above 32 ohms with the Fuze. Using 16 ohm earphones that are efficient is probably best. The CX300-II and CX400-II are 16 ohms and rather efficient(112-114 db/mw)The CX300-II and CX400-II are isolating canalphones, while the MX95 is an open earbud. If you want a closed, isolating canalphone, then the CX300-II or CX400-II would be good.

OH OK.Thanks JK98.So lower amount of ohms mean better for the fuze?And can i use the CX300 and CX400 or any other 16 ohm headphones with my fuze without an amplifier,with a hell of a lot of volume?Cause i hate amplifiers.And can some people please suggest me some good headphones with good bass for my Fuze?I am now looking at the AKG k321.And with what specification increase or decrease does the bass depend on?



 “So lower amount of ohms mean better for the fuze?”

Too low wouldn’t be good either, although I saw only one earphone listed as having under 16 ohms. I think 16 ohms is probably best to use with the Fuze and Clip, although efficient headphones or earphone between 16 and 32 ohms seem to work well with the Clip, Clip+, and Fuze.

The CX300-II and CX400-II should be able to play extremely loud with the Fuze since they are very efficient(112-114 dm/mw) and low impedance(just 16 ohms). With lower impedance headphones, the headphone amp in the player can put out much more power. I have not listened to these though.

I don’t know about the AKG321. It is listed as 16 ohms. I don’t know how efficient it is. It seems much cheaper in Europe than the US. In the US it seems like it is around $60-70, and around $30-35 in Europe. I might be interested in this at around $30-35, but not at $60-70.

OKAY!Thanks a lot for your very helpful post’s JK98.Some people say that In-Ear headphones like the CX300 and CX400 are very nimble and liable to break.Is this true?

I have told this earlier in a different post,that i hate online shopping.So what i am asking is how much would the CX400-II and CX300-II cost in a store?

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It depends which store. Some stores might match online prices, while many won’t. You could try to get a store to match the online price. See how they respond. Print the internet page with the price. Some stores have prices much higher than online. For example, Amazon is now selling the 4GB Fuze in black for $51 with free shipping. Some stores in the US charge as much as $90 for it.

I usually don’t use isolating canalphones, and use regular earbuds instead. If you are not careful with earphones they will break soon enough.