Puttiing CD's on Sansa Clip zip

Just bought a new Clip zip.  Is it possible to put my own Cd’s on it?  If so, what is the process of doing it?

Thanks to any who reply.

If your CD music already is in a “ripped,” computer format (e.g. MP3), you simply need to use your computer to copy the files and then paste them into your Clip attached to your computer, storing them into the Clip’s folders (e.g. the Music folder is good for organization).  Note that the Clip’s database uses the files’ ID3 tags (information embedded in the computer files, typically noting a song’s title, its album, its composer, its genre, its year, and its artist) to organize and show the music on-screen–if the ID3 tags are incorrect or not filled in, you can use a tag editor such as Internet freeware MP3Tag to correct or fill them in.

If your CD music, such as on the original CDs, has not yet been ripped, you need to do so.  There are many freeware rippers out there–they take your CDs and translate each track into a computer file that modern audio players use.  Personally, I use freeware CDex, but you need to spend some time to learn its various settings at first; it also will fill in the ID3 tags automatically, using an Internet database.  Nicely, the Windows Media Player that comes with Windows also will rip you CDs–you may wish to check it out.

In the end, the music ripping process is easy to do–you just need to get the process down, like baking a cake.  I would spend a little bit of time looking at the instructions or a tutorial for the ripper that you decide to use–you have some choices to make, such as the “rip rate/size” for your music (the higher the rip rate, the better the sound, but the larger the file).  Once you get the process down, it’s smooth sailing.

I hope this gives you a start.

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