Production test mode

Just for your reference and curiosity, there is an extensive production test mode built in to the Express.  Hold “Vol +” and “Up” while powering on the unit.  After the Sandisk logo, it will jump to the interactive test screen where the display, buttons, audio, charging, etc. will be tested in order.  To get out, do a hard reset (Hold “Vol +” and “Select” button.)

Hi nosync,

I own a sansa express 1gb with no radio functionality. what do you think about the fact that there is a FM test mode included? Any idea to unlock this function? I do not think Sandisk is making to different devices but locks the radio.


That was fun :smiley:


Thanks ‘nosync’

Hi Klaus,

I don’t know if loading another regions firmware will help with the FM or not.  I heard the hardware for FM is missing for certain countries.  You could try the America version on this board to test.

Hi nosync,

thanks for yoiur advice - it works like a charm. With the American version of the last firmware I can use the radio without any problems. That means the hardware is allready there. In the settings-section there is even a new option where I can choose between fm-region world vs usa.

Thanks again