Problem with distortion using cassette adapter with Clip+

I tried using my new Clip+ in my car with a cassette adapter.  With the player volume at normal headphone levels, I get a lot of distortion.  If I lower the level to eliminate the distortion, I have to turn the radio volume way up and get lots of hiss.  I tried this with two cassette adapters with the same results.  The system plays cassettes fine,.  Any ideas?

Set your EQ to “Normal” , and max the player’s volume…that always worked fine for me.

 Thanks, but my EQ is already set to Normal.


It’s often recommended to set the Clip at full volume, and then to adjust the voume level with the car stereo unit.

Part of the problem is probably the output of the Clip+. I have a piece of junk FM transmitter that doesn’t work well, even with the Clip+ at full volume. I blame both units. Among other things, the cassette adapter might not be in alignment with the tape heads on the player. I would look into a good FM transmitter as an option. Then you can listen to your tunes on any FM radio, without the mechanical difficulties. I have yet to purchase one, but look here: