Clipping, stuttering on radio and mp3s with speakers

I want to use my clip plus with my speakers. When i connect a speaker and begin to play an mp3 or listen to the radio it stutters (music plays the starts then stops like its stuttering) , when i connect headphones it is fine. I’ve tried 4 different types of speakers, the stuttering . I tried music from internal and microsd same problem. If i raise the volume setting to high it stutters even more.

This is just odd–why would the ultimate destination of the music cause the Clip+ to stutter?  Could there be a problem with the patch cord to the speakers–is the cord’s jack fully inserted into the Clip+ (it can take extra force at first, until the jack loosens up)?  Or could you try a different patch cord?

Well i’ve tested a few cables with it. Like this one for example

I also used the cable that was included with my wooden speaker. I tried other speakers and i get this stuttering which is very odd.

This happened to me with my regular clip when plugging it into my Sirius Boombox. I was completely frustrated until I found the solution. I had to put the Clip volume about 4/5 of the way up and then adjust the boombox volume. Any volume below that on the actual Clip and it will play for a few seconds or minutes and then cut out…Hope this works for you as well.

I see i tried the tips you suggested rp, none of my speakers have volume control though . These speaker rely on the players volume. Good to know though, thank you

I hope sandisk fixes this bug. I wanted to use this player with my portable speakers

Likely not what you want, but I wonder if attaching an external amp (like a FiiO E3 or E5–small, relatively inexpensive pocket amps) to the Clip+ and then to your speakers would work.  Available at and, amongst other places. 

Interesting, I’ll have to try it. But it seems unwieldy, I’d have to plug in the speaker plus this,also it might only work for headphones only. Thank you for the tip.