Podcast bookmarks on Clip Sport

Is resuming podcasts from where you left off only available on the Sport Plus? It’s not working on my Clip Sport and I see in the forums that it is a feature on the Plus. Is that something that came in the later firmware upgrades that the Sport didn’t get?

If it’s supposed to be on the Sport, any suggestions on how to get it working?


The podcast resume feature exists for the Clip Sport. One resume position will be created for each audio file you play using the Books Mode (Podcasts & Audiobooks) or CARD -> Books Mode -> (Podcasts & Audiobooks). These audio files must be saved in the Podcasts folder or Audiobooks folder (and subfolders).

    The next time you select the specific Podcast file, the player asks if you want to resume or start over.  (If you use a file manager to explore the Podcast (or Audiobooks) folders, you will find one “.pos” file created for each Podcast file you played.)

        While using the player and you decide to listen to some other audio file, then you have to remember which Podcast you want to resume. The player does not keep a list of “recent” audio files.

Thank you. I was accessing the podcasts by going to the folder instead of using the Book Mode menu, so it wasn’t working for me. Now, is there any way of stopping Book mode from putting half my podcasts into mislabelled folders and the rest into “unknown”?

From my experience, Podcast filenames and ID3 tags are created with all possible variations.  Many times these filenames and tags are not readily digestible by the Clip Sport (and Clip Jam).  I try to edit the ID3 tags of my downloaded Podcasts using the software mp3tag to make these files more user-friendly for my Clip Sport.  I use tag format ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1


My best advice is to move each family of Podcast files into a specific subfolder under Podcasts. Then you could try designing a Podcast family name (album field) with the specific identity within the first 16 characters. Then make sure each episode (title field) has a related and specific identity within the first 16 characters. Then you could try using 2-digit track numbers (01-99) for each specific family of Podcast files.

Each Podcast collection may require a bit of trial and error. I think the results are usually rewarding (?)

       I also agree this extra effort is usually not required for downloading and playing podcasts on IOS devices.