Playlists: How do you make them work well, and dare I dream, seamlessly?

There are so many threads and ideas about playlists on Clip Zip on this forum, from over numerous periods of time.  I think I’ve now read all of them.  It’s hard to tell what actually works in what should be the current environment, meaning the latest firmware release V01.01.20A.  It seems there have been problems involving a wide array of functionality concerning playlists, including viewability, basic playing of them, persistence of playlists (they disappear when being updated with some methods?!), skipping, external/internal memory.  And I haven’t even seen comments on what I found and describe in detail below, which is space waste in order to have playlists which include songs from both internal and external memory.

I was excited and pleased when I got my new Clip Zip, which I immediately added a SanDisk 16GB Standard microSD (microSDHC) Card Class 4 to.  I mean what a great price point for what is now effectively a 20 GB device!  I am pleased with the great majority of how it performs and sounds (sure, one needs better headphones), but the playlist functionality could be a deal breaker for me.  This should be easy, right, or at least Achievable?  Easily mixing songs from the huge array one can put on a device like this should be a given.  Please help.

I’m looking for the right combination of:

a) firmware (preferable SanDisk’s own latest release, since it is Their product, but I’m open if need be)

b) music and playlist transfer method (software (WMP, Rhapsody, MediaMonkey, Winamp??..), synching vs. drag and drop, combination of things)

c) playlist file extension/format (PLA vs. M3U)

d) USB mode (MTP vs. MSC vs. Autodetect)

In my initial playing/testing of the unit, I am using:

a) the latest firmware on ClipZip, V01.01.20A

b)  Windows Media Player

d) USB Autodetect

This combination is creating PLA playlists, and I am combining songs that are in internal and external memory in one playlist.  When I sync the playlists to the clipzip:

  1. if I’m syncing the playlist to external memory, any songs currently only on internal memory are copied to the external memory.

  2. if I’m syncing the playlist to internal memory, any songs currently only on external memory are copied to the internal memory.

I thought playlists would just act as pointers to the songs locations, and not need to make a copy, which is a waste of space, since songs are stored in both internal and external in this case.  (this need to make a copy kind of defeats the power of adding space with a memory card!)

So along with all the other expected basic functionality for playlists, I’m also asking this:

Is there any way to make playlists for this device which encompass songs on both internal and external memory that does not waste space by having them reside in both locations??

There seem to be a good number of bright, committed people on this forum, rooting for this product, and trying to make things work and help.  I’d really appreciate being steered in the right direction, in terms of what combination of factors overcome the large variety of issues.  Thanks.

And now you know why Apple gets $130 for their iPod Nano ;)  The external card won’t keep the playlist songs after you re-plug it back into your computer. You can’t even store a playlist on the intenal memory that plays songs from the external memory.

The internal card remembers the playlist name for me but not the tracks in the playlist so every time I re-plug in the Clip Zip I have to re-copy the tracks to the playlists.

One guy had a solution but it didn’t sound any simpler than this. I even tried unchecking the auto transfer but it just doesn’t work. I had a Clip+ and it did the same thing.

I wanted to see if it had something to do with RAM memory or FLASH memory; first get the playlist on the external memory right, disconnect from the computer, wait for the refresh then turn the power off and remove the external card then re-plug it in, power back up and see if it sticks. I did this and when I turned it back on it went through the refresh and did NOT lose the playlist contents!  So much for that idea.

Load the music on the external card while it’s in the player.