Playlist with songs from both external and internal memory?


Anybody can help me out with this? I’ve searched for how to do this…but couldn’t find that many posts about it and they were a bit confusing.

Any technoboys can help me out?

If you’re using m3u playlists, then forget it. You need .pla format. WMP can create them in MTP mode, but if you’re a reasonably sane person then you’ll not touch MTP mode with someone else’s barge-pole.

If you are using MSC mode, then give YAPL a try:

Which gives you a WMP-alike interface for creating .pla playlists in MSC mode, and has tools for managing the tags in your collection.


ok…I’ll give that a try. Using MSC-mode, so YAPL it’ll be. Thanks!

Thanks for the YAPL suggestion. Wow, that’s easy!!