m3u playlist

I’ve got an existing m3u playlist in the AUDIBLE folder of my Zip. I recently got a microSD card, is it possible for me to put songs have songs on the microSD card on the playlist?

  • I’m using m3uent as my playlist program at the moment

  • Using fedora 10

Thanks very much.

No Mix Internal and SD Card on same Playlist.

@koto wrote:

No Mix Internal and SD Card on same Playlist.

Not with an .m3u format playlist anyway. Only .pla format playlists can include songs from both memory locations.

Is here a Simple Programm to make .pla Playlist in MSC Mode?

The easiest way is to use WMP, but i think you must also use MTP mode for that. Myself, I create an .m3u playlist, then an .m3u - .pla playlist converter program written by someone who was a member here long ago. I don’t recall exactly, but it seems to me I looked a few months ago and it was no longer being hosted on the web for download.

You might try googling for one.

My problem. In MTP Mode create a PLA Playlist work. After unplug the Player and replug the Player the Createt PLA ist broken. Zero Bytes.

With this Bug the MTP Mode is Crappy.