Personal data

I have a corrupt 32Gb micro SDHc card and requested for RMA, I have a doubt that when we replace the corrupt memory card what happens to the personal data in it the memory card cannot be formatted or cannot be written but the data which was present before it was corrupted cannot be deleted which means the data will remain in the card and can be read and copied so I’m worried about it.

if the card contains sensitive data contact sandisk support. They have a process you can use to ensure the data is not recoverable. 

Hi, Guys! Unfourtunatly Ive formated my SD card thinking I have saved the videos were there. I send the sd card to a professional. He managed to recover most pictures but about the videos it showed only some kbs (wich is not enough for a video). So it seemed that he found the data or any information related to this video but not real video. I nether can open it… It is like It doenst have anything in the file…

Please if someone could help me 

Sorry, but if a professional recovery service couldn’t retrieve the videos, there’s nothing anyone could probably do for you.