Options For MP3 players

It appears that Sandisk does not now make an MP3 player with both a micro SD slot and Bluetooth. Is this correct—I will have to choose one or the other?

That is correct. The only model to offer bluetooth is the Clip Sport Plus. It does not have a micro SD slot as one of its features is that it’s water resistant (note it is NOT water-proof). A card slot would allow water/moisture in.

Not trying to influence you in your decision, but there are several posts/threads here on the forum regarding problems with bluetooth connectivity. In short, it does not connect with all the bluetooth/wireless ear/head phones out there. You might look through them (Search function helps here) & see if any reporting issues have the same ear phones as you do. :wink:

Thanks for the response. My player was lost recently and I need to replace it. You confirmed my expectation.