Not able to create folders in app on iphone

I am not able to create or transfer folders from iXpand flash drive to iphone

Once the applications start to jitter, touch and hold the backdrop of the Home Screen.

  • Drag one app atop another app to create a folder.

Incorporate other applications into the folder by dragging them there.

The folder may contain more than one page of applications.

Touch and hold the folder, choose Rename, and then type a new name.

Tap the backdrop of the Home Screen and try again if the applications start to jitter.

Once you’re done, hit Done and then double-tap the background of the Home Screen.

Drag all of the applications out of a folder after tapping it to make it disappear. It instantly removes the folder.

It should be noted that the arrangement of your applications in the App Library is unaffected by how you arrange them on the Home Screen.