Having trouble with my new 128gb iXpand flash drive


a couple of months ago, my Windows 7 notebook died. Fortunately, all of my Mp3 files were stored on a SATA usb drive !

i saw that the iXpand had both a usb connector and a lightening one; So I bought one with high hopes!  It worked as advertised!

all my DOS formatted folders and sub folders are now on the iXpand and I can once again listen to my music.

but, when I try to copy the files to my iPad, they are just copied sequentially without regard to the folder structure.

Any ideas on how to retain the folder/sub folder order? I would love to be able to move the files to the iCloud.

Thanks for the consideration.

Update from OP…

selecting a a single folder and sending it to my iPad worked.  I had to rename the copied folder with the Artists name, 3 Doors Down, but the mp3s were all there.

this could be a tedious task with so many folders and sub folders …

tried copying a folder with 2 sub folders , the iXpander App just went into a hang mode.

maybe it doesn’t like Alicia Keyes ?

thank you.