No installation CD, Sansa e260r, Looking for The Installation CD Software

Last week i was in US and i bought my sansa e260r at best buy store, but then when i went back to home in Mexico, i noticed i have no installation cd, so i have no sansa media converter and i cant transfer videos or pictures, i dont know what to do, do u have any link to download all Installation CD content, or something like that?

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But, if you do not want to use the converter, you can try Rockbox.

It’s on the sandisk website under other software under Sansa on the downloads section

Where is it at on the website, I have looked under downloads and I can’t seem to find it anywhere, am I just blind?:smiley:

you’ll find the SMC at under the support tab and downloads

Here is the link for  Sansa Media Converter    from the Scan Disk Download Section for the 200 series.  .

I hope this helps

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Well i quess it is all of us that is in need of a c.d and i believe that tis is a bunch of crap cause i spent my money on this sandisk thing… n got home and saw no c.d in the box and know i am looking for answers cause every site i’ve been on looking for a c.d to download i see coments from people that is also looking for what i am looking for. This is a bunch of crapp and we the people need answers know… n i need a answer because the only thing i could do with tis thing now is listen to music n i cant do that because it is not charging… Can someone give me or tell me what to do cause at this time i’m pretty upset

You could read?

The answers are all right above.

There are links right below to the instruction manual and the media converter.

I have followed the link you have provided to download the Media Converter (my product also came without an installation CD). I reviewed the list of available downloads and am not able to find the Media Converter. Is it called something else? I know I haven’t missed it b/c I’ve read thru the list 4 times out loud. “Media Converter” is not there.


Well… it’s there (see picture). Instead of clicking on the link, try typing in manually - don’t know why but everytime i typed it manually i get there instantly without going on the signon page.

Oh . and by the way i found another page that can lead you to the converter …  from that page you select the converter, skip the registration, and will endup on the download page to get the converter.

Go to:

You can skip the registration.

Under the Sansa section choose your model. (I chose Sansa View)

Choose your Operating System

Click Find Driver

The screen should offer you the Sansa Media Converter dowload

Is this all you need to download in order to use the all the players features??

everything you need to use the player comes nativley on your computer. If you want to add videos and pictures, you use sansa media converter… which is available on to download.

You can use the sansa media converter to convert mpictures and videos. If you dont want to add pictures or video, then you dont need to download anything.

just to update people, for downloads relating to your device go to
It’s been slightly re-done and all you do is choose your device, choose your download, register or not (u can click Skip Registration) and tadah, downloads :slight_smile:

Hi, I have sansa media converter but this isn’t the problem. I Lost my installation cd. WHERE CAN I GET IT PLZ HELP. if you know where i can get it