Nikon D750 SDXC compatibility

SANDISK recommends Extreme PRO 64GB or 128GB SDXC 633X for Nikon D750 .

What about Extreme PRO 256GB SDXC 633X ? Is it compatible with the D750 ? why does SANDISK not recommend it ?


they do not recommend the card because they have not tested it with the specific camera yet, however the card should be compatible with the camera. 

Provided the SD card has the correct physical sizing and write speeds high enough for what you are recording, they generally play nice with the camera. You might have to format the card into a file system that matches your camera, but this is easy to do using either the Mac Disk Utility or Windows Diskpart menus. As a general rule, I think compatability depends most upon the usage the card will see as opposed to the equipment it is used with. Note that most higher end SD cards have very specific minimum speed ratings for when recording, so this can help give you an idea of how fast a card you need for your use.

Are you going to be shooting 4k or 5k? If you are shooting beyond 4k, you will want a UHS-ii card. These do carry a massive premium, but many have read and write speeds of 200 MB/s+. If you are not doing this, it’s not worth the premium. At this point in time, most SD card readers cannot take advantage of UHS-ii speeds, and so the import speeds won’t be much different from the much more economical UHS-i cards.

From a longevity perspective, a SD card that uses MLC NAND (instead of TLC) is going to last much longer…while difficult to quantify, a conservative estimate places MLC as having three times the life of TLC. Given you would have to purchase three or more TLC cards to match the life of a single MLC card, the premium-priced MLC cards are quite a bit less expensive in the long run. Additionally, while benchmark software makes MLC and TLC cards to appear somewhat similar, MLC has massive advantages with real-life use. For example, my 64gb Samsung PRO MLC microSD card works about 10 times faster than my 128gb Samsung EVO TLC microSD card. If you are going to be using the drive a lot, MLC is the way to go (the SanDisk Extreme Pro SD cards are almost certainly MLC, but SanDisk does not disclose this information, which is incredibly frustrating.)

The Extreme Pro is a great card, but like the Samsung PRO+, it carries a big premium and there are other cards on the market that are almost as fast and equally dependable. You might be interested in checking out the Samsung PRO (the PRO+ just came out so 64gb PROs are on good sales now, and they are available in microSD and full-sized SD flavors). The Samsung PRO has the highest real-world write speeds of any UHS-i cards. The Transcend TS64GUSDU3 633x is a microSD card that is almost as fast as the above, it is incredibly reliable, and it costs quite a lot less. Finally, there is the Transcend TS64GSDU3 full-sized SDxc card. The TS64GSDU3 costs about half that of the premium SanDisk and Samsung cards, but it still uses high grade MLC NAND and has guarenteed write speeds that can handle 4k and 3D recording. From a longevity perspective, the quality flash inside of it means it will have an outstanding service life that will outperform many higher-priced cards. 

(the reason I mention microSD cards is because they come with adapters that allow them to be used as a full-sized card…a good MLC SD card will easily give most users a decade of reliable service, so if down the road you have another device that takes only microSD cards, you can then remove the microSD card from the adapter and use it, which you obciously cannot do if the card is a full-sized SD card.)

A dilemma has come about since Transcend is offering very affordable MLC-based SD cards and have been very forthcoming when it comes to discussing what type of memory & controllers they use. So when other companies bring much more expensive SD cards to the market, but do not disclose any of the design & construction specifications, it is hard to recommend these more expensive cards considering just how big of a difference there is between MLC & TLC. :frowning:

If you want the best performance, the SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s UHS-I is the fastest SD card that the experts tested in the D750. For more recommended compatible SD Cards check Nikon D750 Manual

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