New Sansa Clip - Unable to load songs

Hi all, this may be a really lame question/problem but I am unable to load songs onto my new Clip.  I have tried to drag and drop songs into the “music” folder in both of the USB modes.  I see the folders and music on my computer but they do not turn up on the player.  What gives?  Am I doing something wrong?  The songs are stored in Itunes if that helps. 

Please excuse my ignorance but I am new to mp3 stuff. 



Okay after doing some searches here on the boards I read that my clip does not support or “read” mpeg4 files - which Itunes uses.  Okay.  Some of my files are also protected.  This may be off topic, but is there an easy way to convert these files?

Check your iTunes client for a conversion function to MP3.

The MP3 versions of the Apple M4A or M4P files should be saved on disk as a backup too.  The Sansa needs mp3 files with ID3 version 2.3, ISO-8859-1 tags.

Sorry, I don’t run iTunes.  There are several conversion applications out there as well, but I believe you can do it directly via the client.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: