New firmware version: is it being worked on/in development?


Previous firmware for Clip Sport, version 1.17 was released on late May/early June AFAIR. So a lot of time already passed without a new firmware revision. And 1.17 was a _regress_ (to initial 1.09 version) in some aspects.

So the Q is simply: is new firmware version for Sport being worked on/in development? Does anyone know anything? I’m NOT asking when it’s out, only whether Sandisk even works on it at all.

I hope Sport was not abandoned by Sandisk so soon…


Juhaz may not need a deadline, but I wouldn’t mind knowing what date that they’re shooting for the update release.


well, I wouldn’t mind an approximate release date, either, but mainly want to know what to expect: whether there will be new firmware revisions out for Sport, or not.

It’s been in the works, for a bunch of months now.  Unknown if/when it will issue . . . .

Sometimes the fimware updates don’t have much of an effect, so the question shouldn’t be when the next firmware update will be, but when will the next firmware update that offers significant advances be released.

That’s a good point JK98.  I’ve heard the next update will allow you to store/organize/ and play up to 2001 copies of  “Never Gonna Give You Up, by Rick Astley”.

mettrodome: you just made my day :smiley: