My Sansa repeats the same song

I have a sandisk sansa 4gb (no model number apparent).  It has worked fine for several months playing (shuffle on) my list of 103 songs.  Today, I did something that causes the device to repeat the same song over and over.  I can push >>l  and it will advance to the next song, but left alone, in simply repeats the same song.  I have spent about an hour rereading the menu options and it seems that “play all” or anything like that doesn’t change the problem.  Any help is appreciated.


Turn off REPEAT in your Music options.

I can’t find “repeat” in music options.  I have firmware version V10.02.18A.

Sorry for the mistake.  I had to scroll down to settings and then > to get to music options.

I believe you can also press the down button while a song is playing and the option for REPEAT and/or SHUFFLE is there.

Thanks,  good answer.