My 64GB wireless stick cannot connect to existing WiFi networks

It works fine when using LTE network but just not wifi… My WiFi is using WPA2-PSK, just like the guide recommended… When trying to connect to WiFi, it seemed to be endless pairing with no outcome at all. The firmware of the stick is 4.0.2 (2038)

try restarting the WS and see if the internet conneciton works after restart. 

This seems to be an on-going issue with this device, without a fix from Sandisk. I have the same issue- have you ever found a solution?

Internet works for me no problem. here is a FAQ for how to connect.

in settings after you connect to the LAN make sure you get a double blink of the LED. when you have a double blink disconnect your host from the wireless stick and connect to the LAN. When you open the app it should connect to the wireless stick via your LAN. 

If you have problems try turning the wireless stick off after getting the double blink LED. Then force close the app. Then connect to the LAN that was used when setting up Internet connection on the wireless stick. finally Turn the Wireless stick back on then reopen the app. 

still nothing, spent over an hr with online help to no avail.  bought 3 total, 2 as gifts and 1 for myself.  will be returning all 3 if the other 2 do not work once they are opened on new yrs day.

I’ve spent hours trying everything recommended, it doesn’t work. Has anyone found a solution?

I too have spent hours trying everything recommended and I can’t get an internet connection via SanDisk Connect F1386E